Welcome to Connectathon Manager for the May 2021 FHIR Connectathon

The purpose of this application is to help support Connectathon attendees by making it easier to locate tracks of interest, and to participate in those tracks, including recording feedback and testing outcomes.

For assistance use the clinFHIR Zulip chat

Other Connectathon supporting resources

This application should be used in conjunction with the other connectathon supporting applications, namely:

Getting started

If this is your first time at the connectathon, then we suggest the following first steps.

  • Scan the list of Tracks and Implementation Guides for tracks of interest. You probably already know your main track, but there are likely others of interest to you. You can see the tracks in the Track details and testing tab and also a list of Implementation Guides being tested in the Implementation Guides tab.
  • Update your profile in the People tab. Your entry will be the only one with an 'edit' link alongside it - use that link to enter your email address (if you want to) and record your primary track and tracks of interest. Ideally, you'll have a single 'primary' track and any number 'tracks of interest' (Recording them here means your name will appear in the track description and Participation Report so others can find you).
  • If you have a server that you want to test, or make it available for use in a track then enter the details on the Servers tab. There's a short video that describes this in more detail.
  • If you have a client application that you want to test, or make it available for use in a track then enter the details on the Clients tab.

External links of interest

Common tasks

These are things that you will likely want to do over the course of the event

Record your interest in a track
Go to the People tab, find your name in the list and edit your profile. You can record primary and tracks of interest there.
Register a server for others to use in one or more tracks
This is done from the Servers tab. There's a short video that describes this in more detail.
Find who is testing a specific Implementation Guide
To find out the track/s that are testing an IG, look in the Implementation Guide tab. You'll see a list of tracks alongside each IG. To find individuals working in those tracks, go to the Tracks tab and select the 'Description' tab to the right. All track participants (recorded when an individual registers their interest while setting up their profile) are displayed towards the bottom. Contact details will be in that users profile (and can also be displayed by clicking on the name in the list).
Find a server to test against
You can look at the full server list in the Servers tab. If the server has been registered for use with a track, then it will also appear in the track description. To view the list, select the track in the Tracks tab, then the 'Servers' sub-tab to the right. The servers currently associated with the track are shown at the top, other servers are listed below that. Use the 'View' link to the right to view the server details including associating servers with tracks.
Record the outcome of a test, or just add a comment/feedback
Only tracks that have been set up for testing by adding scenarios can have outcomes applied. Select the track in the Tracks tab, then the 'Testing' sub-tab to the right. (There's also an option to add a scenario directly from the testing sub-tab if there are none). There is a short video available.
  1. Select the Track, then the Testing and feedback sub-tab
  2. Select the scenario you wish to add the feedback to. (Or add the scenario if there are none). Existing results are shown in a table
  3. Click the 'Add new result' link. This will display the modal dialog where the feedback can be entered
Review test results / comments for a track
These are viewed from the Tracks Testing sub-tab (where new ones can also be entered). They are also visible in the Report sub-tab, which has a download option. There's also a Test results tab where outcomes for all tracks can be found.
Welcome to conman for the event with the key: {{eventConfig.key}}

Loading the event data from the server, please wait...
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Track type
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NameDescriptionPackage / VersionIG page
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Confluence track page
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Chat link
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General links
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Links of general interest to this track. Open in a separate tab

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Resource Types
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Logical Models
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Registered Participants
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Watchers (Tracks of Interest)
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All roles in track
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This role acts as a Client in a Client/Server test
This role acts as a Server in a Client/Server test

End Points
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Servers {{getServersForTrack(selectedTrack.id).length}}

Servers associated with this track

{{server.name}} {{server.address}} {{server.description}} {{server.notes}}
Servers where the server contact person has indicated suitability for this track. Use the edit link to view details & remove from track if needed. Clicking the Url will load the clinFHIR Server Query module for this server in a separate tab.

Other servers

{{server.name}} {{server.address}} {{server.description}} {{server.notes}}
Use the view link to view details of the server, and add it to this track if desired. Clicking the Url will load the clinFHIR Server Query module for this server in a separate tab.

Primary Participant
  • {{person.name}}
Track of Interest
  • {{person.name}}
ScenarioServerAsserterResult NoteIG
{{result.scenario.name}} {{result.server.name}} {{result.asserter.name}} {{result.text}} {{result.note}} {{result.IG.name}}
Testing & feedback {{resultsSummary.resultTotals.pass}} / {{resultsSummary.resultTotals.fail}} / {{resultsSummary.resultTotals.partial}} / {{resultsSummary.resultTotals.note}}
Testing can only be performed if the track defines scenarios against which tests can be done. Click here to add one.
Implementation Guides {{allIGs.length}}
NameDescriptionPackage#versionTracks External linkViewer
People {{allPersons.length}}
NameOrganizationPrimary track
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Primary Track

No primary track selected.

Tracks of interest

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Asserted Results and feedback

{{result.track.name}} {{result.scenario.name}} {{result.server.name}} {{result.text}} {{result.note}} {{result.IG.name}}
Clients {{allClients.length}}
NameDescriptionContactsTrack / Scenario / Role (from Testing)
{{clnt.name}} {{clnt.description}}
{{person.name}} {{contact.type}}: {{contact.value}}
Servers {{allServers.length}}
NameUrlFHIR VersionDescriptionNotes Tracks

Enter the search string. Will search for types and operations in the CapabilityStatement.

There can be multiple entries for a server if multiple match reasons are found
Match reason
{{input.selectedServerQueryResult.matchType}}: {{input.selectedServerQueryResult.matchReason}}

rest.resource entry containing the match
{{input.selectedServerQueryResult.definition | json}}
Test Results {{ecosystemSvc.allResultsCount()}}

TrackScenarioServerAsserterResult NoteIG
{{result.track.name}} {{result.scenario.name}} {{result.server.name}} {{result.asserter.name}} {{result.text}} {{result.note}} {{result.IG.name}}

  • {{track.resultTotals.pass}} / {{track.resultTotals.fail}} / {{track.resultTotals.partial}} / {{track.resultTotals.note}}

  • {{scenario.name}} {{resultsSummary.scenario[scenario.name].total}} {{resultsSummary.scenario[scenario.name].pass}} / {{resultsSummary.scenario[scenario.name].fail}} / {{resultsSummary.scenario[scenario.name].partial}} / {{resultsSummary.scenario[scenario.name].note}}

ScenarioServerAsserterResult NoteIG
{{result.scenario.name}} {{result.server.name}} {{result.asserter.name}} {{result.text}} {{result.note}} {{result.IG.name}}

No tests have been recorded against this IG. Tests are recorded for a scenario in a track, and the IG can be selected then.
{{test.track.name}} {{test.scenario.name}} {{test.server.name}} {{test.asserter.name}} {{test.result}} {{test.note}}

{{track.persons}} {{track.watchers}}
Select a Track in the table to view the participants
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  • {{person.name}}

No event was specified!

You need to specify the connectathon event code that you want in the url. For example:


Would indicate the MiHIN 2018 Connectathon. If you don't know what the event code is, you'll need to contact the connectathin organizer.