To support a FHIR connectathon, and record the results. Key features:

Using the application

To use the Manager, follow these steps.


There are a number of registration steps to perform (some of which may have already been done for you).


At any stage, you can record the outcome of a test - or just make a note against a scenario. There are a number ways to do this.



The tracks are defined as follows:
Each track has have any number of scenarios, each of which has any number of roles. (Note that for this event all of the scenarios have all of the roles, as this is how the data has been captured in the spreadsheets)


Each test has 2 participants - a client in a role, and a server in a role. (This is not a limit of the underlying structure - simply the User Interface at the moment). The data collected for the outcome of the test is:

The test results can be viewed and edited in the Scoring tab, and summarized in the Results tab. There is also a download option in the Results tab.


The following tabs are present:


How do I indicate my server can be used for a particular scenario
In the testing tab, select the track from the left and the scenarios are displayed on the right. Click the 'Add Server' link to the right of the scenario, then select your server and the role it will play in the scenario.

Known limitations